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She was a happy client - even though the Texans lost!

She, her husband, & son, have been wonderful clients &  friends!

Oh - her husband took the photo!

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No - I'm sorry but 
we cannot drive you to
Lincoln, NE
for $59 plus $11 tip.   But.....

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You have found Houston's most meticulous Luxury Car and Limo Service. We offer chauffeured vehicles at such a great value - why take an airport cab/taxi whose driver has been waiting 4 hours for a trip, or have a long wait for a long ride on a shuttle or impose on or put a friend/family member at risk by having them drive in unfamiliar areas or take the risk of an underinsured, questionable background checked, not-city-approved illegal personal car-using part-time "driver" ?
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Are dispatching entities. like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar for You, my Friends?

Maybe - Maybe Not?   The big issue for you, the client, should be your safety! 

The issue is not the SmartPhone technology! 
EXAMINE  the insurance and the background checks

Those are your safety exposures. ALL insurance and ALL background checks ARE NOT the same.

For your  safety - take time to become objectively informed. Until then - we will match any quoted Smartphone app total payment (fare, fuel, tip, tolls, fees, baggage handling) as long as it is at or above the City Of Houston's minimum legal fare of a total of $70.     
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Lets RODEO! - These Ladies Did!
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