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You have found Houston's most meticulous Luxury Car and Limo Service. 
We offer chauffeured vehicles at such a great value - why take just any Driver?

These days - make your own careful choice about whose car you get in!

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Our Founder, Will. Retired from O&G  Industry IT and public school teaching.

Most of Our Drivers are Retired or "Between Jobs"!!

BTW - If you know the city, like people & driving, 
and find yourself needing a change - call us!   
You won't get rich - but you can exist! 

And have fun in a low pressure environment.

You may find a new calling!

Clients even laugh at your stories!   
One lady of three paid me and another asked 
how much for the entertainment!

SPECIAL: $79 to or from ANY Houston address, including the Airports

Earn FREE Car Service Trips!
You will be automatically entered into our
requent Rider 
xceptional Drivers 
(aka FRED)
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Go In Style with 
Every Mile!
But if you decide to drive, please feel free to use these helpful documents. Prices and policies may be outdated.   No responsibility there.   
Websites are provided for updated policies and prices, etc.
Bush IAH Airport Parking Card 
Texas Medical Center - page 1
Texas Medical Center - page 2

Checklist in car, developed 
with Clients

Car service, towncar service, Houston Texas, Shuttle service
Starbucks Gift Card Included 
(1st trip, 1 per trip, excluded from Specials)

Lets RODEO! These Ladies Did!

Nice lady exiting Town Car

Thinking of Refi?

Then call
Madeline Platt, the lady who refinanced our home recently!  

She worked hard and creatively.

I'll definitely call you again.
We are just plain old people - yet she made us feel like royalty!



All of our drivers use Million Dollar Dry Cleaner & Laundry!         

Is your dog too big to take to the Vet?

Is your Cat wise to the carrier?

Our's were!   
Big Trauma and Drama For US and them.
But not after we discovered 
Hampshire Mobile Vet

Spotlight on 
My Favorite
Poet & Author




No - I'm sorry but 
we cannot drive you to
Lincoln, NE
for $59 plus $11 tip.   But.....

She was a happy client - even though the Texans lost!
But that was LAST year!

(Oh - her husband took the photo!)

She, her husband, & son, have been wonderful clients &  friends!

For your benefit when submitting your business trip expense report for reimbursement, we will provide you with a signed and dated receipt as:

"HiLo LLC 
Ground Transportation - 
All Types for All Folks for All Needs"

Do we accept credit cards?   
And we will take as many credit cards as you present, including Amex.

Do we accept cash?
And we will take as much cash as you present, including $20s and $50s

Because a gent once 
called and asked 
for my credentials when 
he wished to engage 
me to drive his 
New Jersey parents 
to Galveston Island.
Turned out I had 
taught his children 
in Elementary School!!!

High Quality - Low Price!

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